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Generative geometry by Frederik Vanhoutte, wblut A system capable of deep tranquility and great turmoil, a reflection on intentionality and serendipity, on safe boredom and discomforting chaos mouse: click top right: create a new iteration click top left: cycle through views click bottom left: decrease explosion factor click bottom right: increase explosion factor click mid edges left and right: rotate click mid edge top: toggle lines click mid edge bottom: toggle missing elements keyboard: 'l' or 'L': toggle lines 'k' or 'K': toggle missing elements 'n' and "N": adjust noise level 'a' or 'A': add additional breakpoint 'e': decrease explosion factor 'E': increase explosion factor 'r' or 'R': create a new iteration 'v' or 'V': change view '+' and '-': zoom in and out arrow keys: move viewpoint 's' or 'S' : square screenshot 'd' : save 16:9 screenshot 'D' : save 4:3 screenshot 'f' : save 9:16 screenshot 'F' : save 3:4 screenshot
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